Narendra Modi and PR- A Win-Win Combo


We’ve been blessed with a Prime Minister who’s a sure-shot mix of intelligence and worldly knowledge, and sure knows how to win people’s hearts with his innovative ideas towards leadership. Here are some of his PRO traits that have left us awestruck at his clout generation abilities.

NAMO and the Indian Cricket Team










He observes trends and statistics. One, he realises that visibility is better at the national level and also having the tag of the Nation’s Prime minister  is more valuable than being the leader of the BJP. Two, the 63-year-old was seeking to connect with the youth considering that his vote bank had almost 150 million first- time voters. Modi, who rarely chooses to speak in English, was trying also to connect  with the urban, middle-class audience that is becoming more politically conscious.

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Poonam Mahajan, BJP candidate for North West Mumbai Constituency, clicks a selfie with him. 











He realises that personal branding = identifying yourself with a cause, more importantly a cause that matters to a whole lot of citizens. He lent his voice to the Swacch Bharath Abhiyan, bringing everyone: from ordinary citizens to celebrities, and made it a matter of national pride to keep the environment clean.

NAMO cleaning up His own Premises as a Part of The Swachh Bharat Campaign 

He made the youth realize that you can only appreciate another culture, if you appreciate your own, by integrating traditional and popular culture on the International Yoga Day. He made the whole nation participate, with a crowd of 60,000 people in India and 180 more countries worldwide. PM Modi persuaded the United Nations in 2015 to declare June 21 International Yoga Day.

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Modi Encouraging the Youth towards healthy pursuits 

Narendra Modi upholds the importance of content in a speech. He delivered a speech in Madison Square which was fully in Hindi, but millions thronged in queues to attend it, because of his confidence and oratory skills, clear and authentic content as a part of which he extended his solidarity towards North America and the people there. He expressed his gratitude towards the Indian American community for making IT such a lucrative space to work in, and ushering India towards a technologically bright future.

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The Epic Madison Speech 

Even people who are politically aloof have been drawn towards the Make in India scheme, and taking active interest in his schemes. To the uninitiated, The Make in India initiative was launched by Prime Minister in September 2014 as part of a wider set of nation-building initiatives. It was devised to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub, This was as the result of an emergency situation, where markets in India had collapsed and India was tagged as a fragile 5 countries-on the brink of Economic failure. Albeit some hiccups, the scheme has succeeded to raise the bar for good infrastructure for manufacturing.

Championing his Unique Strategy 

And mainly his connect with the youth can’t be ignored. Our Prime Minister realises that our country is young at heart-our country is teeming with a whole bunch of youth. He realises that winning their support is a master stroke move that will also cover up in the vote bank, and true to his expectations, that year’s election had almost 150 million first-time voters, among who 70% was purely youngster population.

The youth Connect